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Febrian Chandra
Harmaini Harmaini


This study aims to determine problems in the bureaucratic structure, which is used as a political tool, for this reason it is necessary to conduct a study related to these problems, in this case research applies or uses normative legal research methods, by examining a set of norms related to the bureaucracy and the State Civil Apparatus ( ASN). ASN as the running wheel of the bureaucracy in Indonesia is not allowed to carry out activities or actions that take sides or be involved in practical politics / affiliated with political parties. Bureaucracy and politics have a very close relationship when viewed from history up to the present, which is the reason that public services cannot be properly organized. The bureaucracy that is built in Indonesia creates a very close relationship between bureaucracy and politics. There are many problems that arise due to bureaucracy which is full of interests, apart from being related to public servants, the involvement of bureaucrats and politics also results in a mismatch between the position held and the competencies and qualifications they have. One of the best steps that can be taken at this time is to create a competitive atmosphere in the assessment of work performance, or even bureaucrats or ASN must be re-tested every 5 (five) years in other words, they must be tested with tests such as the first CPNS selection.

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Chandra, Febrian, dan Harmaini Harmaini. “PROBLEMATIKA TATANAN BIROKRASI SEBAGAI INSTRUMEN POLITIK DI INDONESIA”. Adil : Jurnal Hukum STIH YPM 2, no. 1 (November 20, 2020): 1-12. Diakses April 17, 2021.


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